There are only a few companions in life who are always there for you.

A companion who you can trust at any time and who does not ask anything in return, giving unconditional love. A companion who can bring a ray of sunshine into your life. A companion who is really the light of your eyes:

Your pet.

Likewise, THE Star Polaris is our constant companion in the night sky. It is the only fix, always visible star that shows direction, as it has been for centuries. It has always been the “light of our eyes”, just like our beloved pets.

Your pets deserve to shine.

Polaris is the ultimate guidance, providing your pet with delicious meals made with wholesome, selected, natural ingredients and healthy extras that support their health and a happy, vital life.

for health

POLARIS gives you the ultimate guidance for your pet’shealth: like a fixed star in the sky, you can rely on POLARIS’s all natural, super-premium recipes.

For your dog

For your cat