for Puppies


Wholesome, selected, natural ingredients
for a healthy and vital life.

Available in: 12kg, 2.5kg


Selected animal ingredients, deboned fillets and fats


Superfoods, herbs, vegetables, vitamins and minerals


  • Artifical Preservatives
  • Colorants
  • Flavorings
  • Grains
  • Chicken Meal


  • Taurine to support a healthy heart function
  • Omega 6 & 3 for a healthy heart, skin and coat
  • Chondroitin and glucosamine for the optimal development of skeleton
  • ActiveMOS and Psyllium for a healthy digestion
  • MACROGARD and superfoods for a strong immune system

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Deboned lamb (25%), dried pork (24%), potato flakes (17%), peas (12%), dried salmon (11%), potato starch, poultry fat, hydrolysed animal protein, dried beet pulp (3.5%), yeast (3%), linseed (1.5%), vitamins and minerals, salmon oil (0.5%), psyllium (0.5%), Yucca shidigera extract (0.2%), spirulina (0.2%), ActiveMOS (0.2%), MACROGARD (0.1%), buckthorn (0.1%), herbs (rosemary, thyme, parsley, 0.1%), chondroitin sulphate (270 mg/kg), glucosamine sulphate (200 mg/kg), L-carnitine (100 mg/kg).

Analytical Constituents

Crude protein 34.0%, Crude fat 14.0%, Crude ash 8.5%, Crude fibres 2.5%, Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids in an optimal ratio 8:1

Nutritional Additives

Vitamin A 15000 IU, Vitamin D3 1000 IU, Vitamin E 500 mg, Vitamin C 140 mg, Copper (as copper (II) sulphate, pentahydrate) 10 mg, Iron (as iron (II) sulphate, monohydrate) 100 mg, Iodine (as calcium iodate, anhydrous) 2.0 mg, Zinc (as zinc sulphate, monohydrate) 110 mg, Manganese (as manganese (II) oxide) 40 mg, Selenium (as sodium selenite) 0.3 mg, Glucosamine 200 mg, Chondroitin 270 mg, Taurine 200 mg, L-carnitine 100 mg, Antioxidants

Available in sizes

2.5kg, 12kg

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Grain Free Beef & Turkey for Adults

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Grain Free Salmon & Lamb for Adult Small Breeds

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